The fusion of rock & folk music in the spirit of ancient Karelian mythology

Rauni started to take shape in 2021 when Kirsi and Matti re-joined their musical minds to create something new.  

Before that, Kirsi was creating an amazing career as a fado singer, among other art activities, and Matti was investigating the roots of psychedelic and progressive folk music and writing some dark outcomes of that journey in the form of Spanish experimental rock music.  

When Matti heard Kirsi improvising some ancient Karelian folklore combined with her fado techniques, he immediately knew he had found the missing piece to Rauni. And so Rauni was born in the spring of 2021. 

First, they ended up in a studio to improvise music with incantations from Kalevala and create an imaginary world where their music would start to evolve. 

Rauni's musicians: 

Vocals - Kirsi Poutanen 
Accordion & Bandoneon - Heli Siekkinen 
Guitars - Marko Holstein 
Keyboards & Guitars - Matti Virolainen 
Bass - Mikko Yli-Knuuttila 
Drums - Petteri Korhonen